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Smart Board Stands

Smart Board Stands

Product Description

With Smart boards and touch screens becoming almost ubiquitous for every meeting room or classroom,  Mode-AL has seen the requirement for our smart board stand increase significantly over the last few years.

Derived from our flat screen displaystand range, each stand is custom built to suit individual requirements. All stands are manufactured using our twin column design to provide rigidity, stability and ease
of use. There are three basic types in the range.

Free Standing Units
These units provide a simple solution to putting a smart board or touch screen in a meeting room. Based on our Display Stand Mega and Die Cast Mega these freestanding units can be customised
to your requirements.

Wall / Floor Units 
This variation is is our most popular unit due to its adaptability to suit any bespoke requirement. Wall/floor units provide a simple and secure mount for any smart board or touch screen with built-in cable management hidden within the twin columns.

Floor / Ceiling units
Floor / Ceiling units are particularly useful for areas with glass walls or non-structural partitions and can either be placed on a raised floor or slab mounted with our oval columns extending to the
ceiling or soffitt. Trims are supplied as standard to cover all mounting configurations.


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