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Desking Systems

Desking Systems

Product Description

Since 2003, Mode-AL has been designing and manufacturing edit and custom desks for the broadcasting industry.  Recognising the requirement for a much more flexible work space and a significant update to the look and functionality, in 2013 we undertook a redesign of our entire standard edit desk range. This exercise was embarked upon with a clean sheet of paper and 10 years of desk design experience.

We have provided Editing Desks to many major broadcasters including the BBC, ITN, ITV, NATO and VRT Radio 2 Belgium. We have also provided desks for non-broadcasters with the installation of a bespoke solution installed in the control room of the Automobile Club of Monaco for their staging of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

What’s Included

Cable Management
As with all Mode-AL products cable management is built in, with a choice of under desk cable trays or an under-desk enclosure directly beneath. We also provide a comprehensive cable management system from floor to kit, using static desk legs as cable ways from the floor to the cable tray and an energy chain for the height adjustable desks.

Long term practicality
Editing desks need to be flexible and adaptable to change. Experience has told us that an edit desk, if not for life, is for a very long time. As requirements change, your edit desk should be able to change with you.  This is why we our desks are designed to be upgradable well into the future.

  • Legs: Changing from static non-height adjustable to height adjustable is simple – all you do is change the legs. With current regulations in a world-wide hiatus, this flexibility is vital.
  • Equipment: As your requirements for 19” rack mounted equipment changes, you can change the PODS to accommodate varying amounts of equipment
  • Screens: Our screen beam system will accommodate any size. You never need to worry if that new screen will fit.

With the introduction of the pods system used on our MCR and PCR style desks, up to 12U of equipment can be installed into the desk. This simple yet highly effective way of incorporating 19” rack equipment into the desk allows for increased flexibility of the work top and facilitates quick reorganisation when new equipment becomes available. Angled at 45° and curved around the user for good ergonomics, pods are available in 2, 3 & 4U high. The depth of equipment is unrestricted on the basic model of the desk and is 400mm [15.75”] with the under desk.



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